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warih Diagnose Windows Performance using Spotlight azik

warih Diagnose Windows Performance using Spotlight azik - terbaru menarik ajib azik ada dari warih Diagnose Windows Performance using Spotlight azik.

Spotlight on Windows is a powerful diagnostic and resolution tool for Windows systems. Its unique user interface provides you with an intuitive, visual representation of the activity on your system.

Related system statistics are grouped together in panels. The system statistics are shown as icons. The icons change color as their values move through the range of thresholds. Panels are connected by a series of dataflows. Spotlight updates these flows in real time so that you can see how quickly data is moving through the system. The following shows the main features of the Spotlight window.

spotlight on windows

Features of Spotlight on Windows
  • Spotlight presents a visual representation of process flows within a Windows operating system, allowing you to observe actual system activity in real time.
  • It visually identifies system bottlenecks and provides extensive drilldown capabilities. 
  • It displays the details of problem areas, including CPU resources, paging activity, and memory use, for rapid problem resolution.
  • It uses visual and audible warnings to alert you when performance metrics exceed acceptable thresholds.
  • Its drilldowns provide detailed information about a specific component allowing you to pinpoint the source of problems.
  • Spotlight learns the normal range of values for your system.
  • Spotlight assesses the normal rate of process flows via a calibration process and sets the display speed of the visual indicators accordingly.
  • It can simultaneously observe multiple systems.
  • It is easy to install.
Download Spotlight on Windows and User Guide here
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